Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to the blog!

The title 'A-Cranberry-Bog' stands for several things. First, cranberries are known to be very good for you. The purpose of this blog is for pointing out neat finds about things that manufactures really do put in your food and other household products; and surprising health facts about regular old foods. Don't start yawning, you'll be shocked and enlightened all at once. Second, this will soon be bogged with info.
I hope you enjoy every post and I can help to educate you about the nutrition and the toxins that go through your house so you don't have to sit down and do online searches for every ingredient in your salad dressing or nail polish to find out if it really did turn your skin a unusual shade for a reason.
This blogger is also learning too, so if you found out a fact about this chemical or that alkali etc. let me know by making a comment on any post. Also, if you want to have a [friendly] debate/discussion about the given substance feel free to type that out, too.

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